a. „Modernity and Post-Modernity as Challenges to Christian Theology“, in: Yonsei Review of Theology and Culture, hg. K. J. Kim u. a., Vol. VI, Feb. 2001, 3-23.

Modernity and post-modernity are catchwords today which attract all sorts of ideas, hopes, antipathies and fears. Many people on this planet connect modernity with the triumph of a scientistic ideology and with the imperialism and colonialism of the European nation states. They welcome the end of modernity and the rise of post-modernity as the dawn of a new and better era. Others see post-modernity as a time in which the markets and the media take over the domination of the world. They fear that the search for truth and justice will be replaced by an enhanced striving for success and power. They see this new era bring relativism and decay, in short a destruction of the binding forms of life. What are the challenges to Christian theology in connection with this shift of world views and historical settings?

b. Revised version in: Svensk Missions Tidskrift 90 (2002) 4, 435-447.