„Subjectivist ‚Faith‘ as a Religious Trap“, in: W. Schweiker u. Ch. Mathewes (Hg.), Having. On Property and Possession in Religious and Social Life, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2004, 122-137 (nur auf Strecken identisch mit 222).

One of the main goals of the Property and Possession Project was to start a comparative exploration of symbols and rationalities of „having, gaining and loosing“ in economic and non-economic (especially religious) symbol-systems. On the basis of such comparative exploration, it was the leading expectation that the rhetorical and rational constitution and maintenance of economic, social and religious forms of communication and order could be studied and tested. Interdependences could be discovered and checked, alternatives could be ventured. Connected with this was, of course, the hope to gain perspectives on a post-consumerist social order, a post-talion rationality and to work toward a „cultural reimagination“ of the basic configuration of late modern societies. The following contribution choses the topic of faith respectively „having, gaining and loosing faith“ for a couple of reasons.