„Die Reformation als geistliche Erneuerung und bleibende Aufgabe in Theologien und Kirchen“, in: Evangelische Theologie 73 (2013), 166-177.

»The reformation« led to such a thorough renewal of religion, law, politics, science, moral, and education that it is hard to identify its key impact for the 2017 anniversary and beyond. Based on the so-called four exclusive particles (solus Christus, sola scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide) and implementing central principles of creed of both Luther and Calvin, this article argues for a general primacy of the solus Christus and sola scriptura in order to fill the concepts of faith and grace with meaning. Unfolding Christology pneumatologically into a doctrine of the threefold office of Christ or of the threefold shape of the kingdom of God respectively, it illustrates how reformatory thought can form a persistent point of (theological and ethical) reference even today.