„Introduction to part IV: Realistic Eschatology“, in: Michael Welker, John Polkinghorn (Hg.), The End of the World and the Ends of God: Science and Theology on Eschatology, Harrisburg: Trinity 2000, 205-208.

The five contributions in this part of the book offer five different, yet complementary, perspectives on a realistic eschatology. This means that they contribute to a theological eschatology which is well aware that it does not merely deal with a reality that can be grasped within the boundaries of materialistic naturalism alone. This means above all and in a positive way, that all contributions are aware of the fact: eschatological realities have to stand in both discontinuity and continuity to realms and forms of experience related to material nature, if they are supposed to make sense to the natural and cultural sciences and if they want to stay attuned to important strata of the biblical witnesses. A theological eschatology does not mean travel and traffic in hyperreality.