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b. „The Threat of an Ecumenical Ice Age? Reflections on Ecclesia de Eucharistia“, in : Dialog 42 (2003), 194-196.

Over the last decades, the Christian churches have participated in intensive and world-wide ecumenical discussions on the topic of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. Both the convictions of faith and the doctrinal opinions of the churches have been tested against Scripture, and they have been questioned in regards their internal coherence. Consensus texts and statements of convergence recorded the state of the common recognition of truth [Wahrheitserkenntnisl. These ecumenical discussions have been not only tolerated but supported and welcomed by the Vatican. Many Roman Catholic theologians and church leaders from across the world have joined in this warming of ecumenical friendship. Suddenly, however, ecumenical warmth is threatened by a new chill. Ecclesia de Eucharista (17 April 2003) from Pope John Paul II advocates Eucharist minus comrnunion. This Threatens us with an ecumenical ice age.